Review - Queen of Hearts Palette by Coloured Raine

Beauty - 04/07/2019

As those of you who follow me on Instagram and twitter will know, I was lucky enough to receive a collection of Coloured Raine products to review on my blog, which I am incredibly grateful for. I couldn’t quite believe it as I am someone who doesn’t have thousands of followers or a huge reach online, so I am very thankful that they provided me with this opportunity. I didn’t know prior to receiving the package what it would include, so you can imagine my excitement when I opened it and saw an eyeshadow palette, four of their lip products and a pair of false eyelashes. As most of you are aware, eyeshadow is my absolute favourite makeup product and the Coloured Raine Safari Raine palette is actually on my wishlist (Would you be interested in seeing the products I’m excited to buy if I post my wishlist on my blog? Let me know!)

The Packaging and Design

When I first opened the box, I found the palette is held in a cardboard sleeve with a stunning ornate design on it. I know a lot of people don’t usually keep the sleeve that holds their eyeshadow palette so I would have liked to see the design on the palette itself but regardless, its beautiful. The interior of the palette is a reflective gold shade which I really like and there is also a mirror which is a good size for eye makeup. The pans themselves are circular and they have the shade names written underneath each of them. This is something I really appreciate in an eyeshadow palette because some brands will pop the shade names onto the removable plastic sheet that comes with your palette to protect the shadows, but I usually just throw that away, so it’s nice to have the shade names on the palette instead.  Overall, I think the design and the packaging of this palette is beautiful, it's simple but elegant and it definitely gives the palette a more luxurious vibe.

The Eyeshadows

The palette contains 12 eyeshadows, 6 of these are mattes and the other six foil metallic shades. As you can see in the pictures, this palette has a warm tone theme to it and the shades give you the option to create a range of day to night looks. I also really love the shade names; I think they complement the theme of the palette. Below I have included the names of each shade and a small description of them!

Crown – A bright white metallic shade with a slight golden sheen. This looks perfect in the inner corner and on the brow bone!

Heir – A warm toned matte peach shade, its really great to use to buff out the edges of darker shades so you have a nice smooth transition.

Royal Highness – An extremely pigmented taupe metallic foil shade. This shade is super creamy, it is probably one of my top 3 shades out of the whole palette and has very little fallout.

Royal Prerogative – A smooth matte warm brown shade. This shade has excellent payoff when applied with a fluffy brush and pairs well with the shade “heir” for a super simple day time look.

Your Majesty – A gorgeous copper foil shade with warm undertones. This is another shade which is super pigmented when applied with a flat synthetic brush

Noblewoman – A super bright and rich red foil shade, it really makes any eye look pop and you only need a small amount to get a beautiful colour on your lid.

Princess – A matte muted pink shade that applies with a warmer brown undertone. I like this shade because it’s super creamy and looks really good in the crease.

Ladyship – A matte deep purple shade which has a slightly cooler undertone. This shade was one that required the most work during application out of all of the mattes because I found that it was slightly drier, however it is not a bad shade. You just have to be patient and take your time to pack on a little more and it blends beautifully without any patchiness.

Empress – A matte burnt orange shade and the queen of warm undertones. This shade is my favourite from the palette, and I love that a little goes a long way with this shade. It blends really well on the lid and doesn’t have a lot of fallout.

Duchess – A matte deeper brown shade that has a warm undertone. This shade is perfect for adding some dimension to your looks if you pop it into the outer corner.

Queen Mother – A foil deep plum shade with warm undertones and plenty of pigment. This shade is stunning for a darker eye look and is super creamy and soft so it’s easy to apply without a lot of fallout.

Dethrone – A beautiful foil deep brown shade with a warmer undertone. Like the other foils, this is nice and creamy and has plenty of pigment when applied with a flat packing brush.

As some of eyeshadows in this palette are foils, I would suggest applying them with a brush that has been dampened with setting spray as you would with other foil eyeshadows to get the best payoff. The matte shades apply best with dry fluffy and tapered blending brushes.

About the Brand

Coloured Raine was founded in 2013 and is a black woman-owned cosmetics brand which is also cruelty free and encourages diversity and self-expression through makeup. If that statement alone doesn’t make you want to support the brand, I don’t know what will. I think it is SO important to support female business owners, and even more important to encourage the growth of brands that will make products which truly are inclusive of all skin tones. 


All of the shadows are super pigmented, so you don’t have to worry about using a lot of product to try and get a good colour payoff.

All of the colours in this palette complement each other on the eye as they are mostly warm toned. The shadows also blend well together because the formula of the shadows is smooth and creamy. 

This palette is perfect for beginners AND for long-time makeup lovers. The shades are super easy to work with, so you don’t need a lot of skill to create something beautiful with it.


The only con I can think of for this palette is that price of it in the UK, in comparison to the price in the US, is quite a bit higher. This isn’t the fault of the brand. Unfortunately shipping and tax rates will bump up the price a little in the UK. In the US you can get this palette from the Coloured Raine website for $35.00 (or even cheaper when they have a sale) and in the UK, it is available on the retail site Beauty Bay for £45.00. I think this is still a good price overall because the quality of this palette is excellent and you really are getting what you pay for, but I can also understand why it might not be the most affordable for some.

Overall Thoughts

I’ve used this palette almost every day since it arrived, and I’ve posted a couple of the looks I created with it onto Instagram (see below). Overall, I’ve really enjoyed using it and playing with the shadows because they are so easy to blend and they look absolutely beautiful on the eye. I’ve applied these each day using the P. Louise base beforehand, and they are super long wearing. I didn’t have any issues with creasing or fading until they had been on for at least 9/10 hours, which is what I would usually expect from an eyeshadow, so they are long wearing. I would definitely recommend this palette if it is within your price range and I think it is also a great opportunity to support an incredible brand that truly deserves the love.