Review - Anatomicals Face Masks

Beauty - 02/09/2019

Hello lovelies, I’m so sorry that it’s been a while, I’ve been dealing with some personal issues so I took some time away from my blog so I could focus on myself. I’m happy to say that I feel well enough to be writing again. I will post an update on everything that has been going on a little later in the week, for now, I thought it would be a good idea to do a little review. If there is one thing that I love more than good skincare products, it’s good skincare products on a budget. I’ve been using Anatomicals face masks for about a year now, so I think I have probably tried most of them, which means it’s time for an honest review. All the masks were bought by myself, I’m not on their PR list or anything, I’m just genuinely passionate about skincare and I loved these masks so much that I wanna tell you all about them! 

Before we begin with the review, I will explain my skin type so if anyone does want to try these and has a similar skin type to me, then it could help you out too. My skin is a combination of both dry and oily, which I find frustrating when picking skincare products because what works for some areas will then upset the others. The top of my forehead and sometimes my cheeks can become quite dry and patchy. These dry areas cause my skin to look a lot duller and I do get some redness if I don’t take care of my skin regularly. However, my t-zone is a lot oilier, particularly on my nose/chin and this is the area where I will usually get a spot if my skin has a breakout. I usually lean towards more hydrating skincare products (because I absolutely hate having dry patches) but this means I must be careful that the product doesn’t affect my oily t-zone and cause a breakout. Now, onto the review…

Anatomicals is a pretty awesome UK based brand, whose products are paraben-free and cruelty-free (love that!). Each of their products have brightly coloured packaging and a quirky name/description that you would only expect from Anatomicals, after all, they describe themselves as the brand that “Only wants you for your body” and I bloody love it. Although this review is based on their face masks, they also produce other skincare bits & bobs, such as hand creams and body lotions, as well as hair care products that I am determined to get my hands on soon.  Anatomicals describe their products as “the worlds funkiest toiletries” and in all honesty, I completely agree! 

My favourite mask of theirs is the Hawaii Five-Glow Tropical Hydrating Mask, because when I say it smells incredible, I mean it. It’s quite thick in consistency and provides so much hydration to my skin, I usually notice the difference for about 3 days after I’ve used it. After using this mask my skin always feels so much softer and the little dry patches on my forehead are pretty much eradicated, which is exactly what I need when I am doing my base makeup. It isn’t in the picture above because when I ordered it, I was too excited to wait and used it straight away (100% worth it). 

My other favourite is the Botanical Hydrating Rose Face Mask. This mask is a sheet mask rather than a cream and it smells incredible, like roses but not in the fakey artificial way that makes you want to sneeze. It is also super hydrating and completely soaked in the serum, so you don’t have to worry about it not being as hydrating as a cream mask (trust me it really is). This mask is recommended to be left on for up to 20 minutes, so I prefer to do mine before bed when I’ve got more time to spare. The serum from this mask is not nearly as thick as the Hawaii Five-Glow mask, so I imagine it would be better for acne-prone skin because it would be less likely to cause clogged pores.  

I will also occasionally use the Strawberry + Yarrow Face Mask, but it isn’t usually my first choice as I do prefer the targeted hydration masks. This one is more of an all-rounder type of face mask. The packet states that it is good for clogged pores, I completely agree, and I find that it also adds a little moisture that makes your skin look and feel nicer, without upsetting any oilier areas. I find that this one can dry down slightly whilst using it, so it is a little harder to remove than the others, but you should be fine with a good face cloth. I really enjoy how this mask smells, like most Anatomicals products, they really nailed the scent with this one.  

Finally, the Skin Boosting Honey Face Mask is one that I would use when my skin is having a breakout and needs something a little gentler. This mask is targeted for acne prone skin, so usually works best for me on my oilier areas where I get the most spots. It only needs to be left on for 5-10 minutes which is perfect for a speedy skincare session and it’s not as thick as the other masks I have mentioned, so it’s perfect if you prefer something a little lighter that will help you keep your skin clear and nourished. 

The best part about these masks is that they are all between £1 -£3 each, which is SO budget friendly! I would absolutely recommend Anatomicals face masks to anyone who is wanting to try a new skincare range, or anyone just wants to pamper themselves on a budget. Each of the mask sachets contains plenty of product and the face masks are very good, especially considering the price. This quirky brand should definitely put a smile on your face with their “worlds funkiest toiletries”. 

I’ve popped some links below to where I will usually purchase these masks. 

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Botanical Hydrating Rose Face Mask

Anatomicals Face Mask Bundle (ASOS)

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All the love and hugs from Kara xoxo.