Creating Three Looks Using... The Extra Spice Palette

Beauty - 03/06/2019

Lately I have been getting back into enjoying makeup, now that I have the free time to enjoy it, and I am loving playing with my eyeshadow palettes and improving my skills. Since posting my looks on Instagram and Twittter, I’ve gotten quite a few comments and messages asking for tutorials, or how to blend different colours. So, I decided to start a little “series” of blog posts, where each week I will pick a palette and demonstrate three different ways that it can be used by creating three different looks with it. I won’t be posting artistic masterpieces that only Van Gogh could create, but instead wearable every day makeup looks that involve lots of colour, shimmers and won’t require a tonne of skill or expensive materials.

The palette I have chosen for this week’s post is the Revolution Beauty X Soph Extra Spice Palette. This palette was a gift I received off my best friend for Christmas and I am absolutely obsessed with it. I feel like it is perfect for anyone because there is a nice mix of colours and a few more neutral tones depending on how you want to look each day. The quality of the eyeshadows is excellent for the price and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is starting out with makeup or who wants to grow their collection on a budget.

My first look was this cute little sunset moment, that I managed to achieve with only four shadows! It is super easy because these shadows blend together perfectly, and although it looks impressive, it really doesn’t take much skill at all. I popped a video of me demonstrating how to create this look on my Instagram story highlights if you want to watch it and see how to create it, but I can also explain it easily. I used the shades “Twenty-One” “Sweet n Sour” and “Vitamin C” across my lid and I packed them on without blending at first to get plenty of pigment packed onto my lid. Then I just took a clean brush, blended them together and kept adding more colour until I was satisfied with how it looked. I then grabbed a smaller brush and added a little of the shade “Infinity” into the inner corner. Using the same shades as my lid across my lower lash line I blended them gently. To finish the look, add some eyeliner and lashes and you’re good to go!

The second look I created was this beautiful berry toned spotlight look. This look was also created using only four shadows and is super simple but might take a little more skill to achieve the spotlight style of eyeshadow. First, I took the shade “Twenty-One” and brushed it across my entire crease and into my inner and outer corner of my lid. The I went in with the shade “Mulled Wine” and just deepened up the crease colour to make the corners a little darker. I then grabbed some concealer and applied it to the centre of my lid to remove any of the eyeshadow that had fallen there and provide a fresh base. I then went in with the shade “Everyday” right in the centre of my eye. Where the shade “Everyday” meets up with “Mulled Wine”, I put a little of the shade “Romance” between them to help it blend seamlessly. I then grabbed a clean brush and just blended the corners into the centre of the eye to create this cute spotlight style of eyeshadow. For the lower lash line, I just blended a small amount of “Mulled Wine”, then I applied some lashes and a small amount of liner and it was perfect.

The third look I created was the one that required more effort for the heart detail underneath the eye, however if you wanted to create this without the heart, even a beginner could do this. First, I packed the shade “Reputation” in the outer corner of my eye, and with a clean brush I gently diffused this into the crease. I then used a fluffy brush to cover the rest of the crease in the shade “Lakes”, making sure to blend it into “Reputation” where they met. On the lid I used a flat packing brush and covered the lid in the shade “Aurora” and made sure that it also blended into “Reputation” when they met at the outer corner. I blended some of “Lakes” and “Reputation” under the eye and then lined my upper lash line with a liquid liner.

Using a piece of sticker paper (the kind where you can peel off the back) I drew a small heart onto it, cut it out and then stuck it under my eye. I then tapped the shade “Reputation” over the entire heart, making sure to slightly go over the edges to create the outline. After removing the heart sticker with a tweezer, I cleaned up the heart using a cotton bud and some concealer, added some lashes and it was done.

Out of these three looks, I think my favourite is probably the final one I created because I had so much fun creating the litttle heart to go underneath the eye and it was the first time I had sucessfully managed to create something like that. Overall, I think this palette is incredeible for the price and with the range of colours you could let your creativity run wild when you create different looks. Please tag me in anything you create on Instagram or Twitter or send it me in the DM's, I LOVE seeing how people have fun and do their makeup and the ways it makes them feel good because that is what makeup is all about! 

Remember to check my Insta stories, I usually post little tutorials of the look I am creating each day and I'm happy to give any tips that I can to help others. All the love, from Kara xoxo